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What you need to know

The Polish Ministry of Finance will implement mandatory e-invoicing on July 1, 2024.

Polish invoices subject to the mandate will need to be sent, cleared, and received through the Polish e-invoicing system, the Krajowy System e-Faktur (KSEF).

This mandate applies to all companies established in Poland, irrespective of size. VAT-registered entities are not subject to the mandate.

What does this mean for businesses operating in Poland?

For transactions subject to the mandate, taxpayers will need to obtain the legal invoice from the KSeF; paper invoices will no longer be recognised.

The KSeF will perform several validations on an invoice in addition to applying a digital signature

When do you need to begin taking action?

To avoid incurring financial penalties and disruption to business operations Polish taxpayers, regardless of their size, should begin taking action today.

All Polish taxpayers must assess how this mandate will affect their invoicing process and prepare their ERP systems in order to receive the mandated invoice format. The Polish invoice file contains close to 600 fields, some of which will be important for your AP processes – it is important that companies commence scoping these requirements asap.

Staying compliant in Poland – how can Tungsten Network help you?

To ensure that our customers continue to receive a world-class e-invoicing service in Poland, Tungsten Network intends to establish a connection with the KSeF in Poland, helping taxpayers to submit invoice data to the Polish e-invoicing platform. The Polish government has published technical specifications for the outbound (AR) process outlining the submission of invoice data to the KSeF.
The Polish Ministry of Finance also published further draft e-invoicing guidelines in December 2022 and, more recently, in March 2023. Tungsten Network has analysed the information provided by the Polish government and the impact it will have on our solution. We will continue to review updates from the Polish government with the expectation that final specifications are published by the Ministry of Finance in the summer of 2023.

Why invoice via Tungsten Network instead of Government portals?

Tungsten Network enables our customers to invoice compliantly and access rich data that is not available through government portals.

Tungsten Network provides this additional data, such as purchase order information, to help our customers improve internal processes and drive efficiency. We also validate invoices prior to submission, to improve data quality and ensure compliance with both fiscal and business requirements.

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