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  • Länder-Updates
Revision of tax code E-invoicing is gaining increasing momentum in South America as it accelerates across the continent. El Salvador has also been influenced by the e-invoicing presence in neighbouring countries, with the tax code in El Salvador now revised to include provisions relating to the issuance and use of electronic tax documents. Further concrete details are expected from the government in this regard, include a timeline for phased implementation amongst other details. Tungsten keenly follows updates relating to e-invoicing in South America and will keep you updated with the latest e-invoicing developments in the country.


  • Informationen zu Mandaten
Mandatory e-invoicing

In what has been a busy fiscal trajectory in 2022 for multiple Latin American countries, El Salvador has become the latest country to mandate e-invoicing.  

The Parliament in El Salvador, the Asamblea Legislativa, approved Decree 487/2002 (yet to be published) which effectively mandates e-invoicing in the country.   

As with other countries, the underlying motivation for mandating e-invoicing include reducing tax evasion and enhancing communication between taxpayers and the tax authorities. The Parliament also suggested that they were strongly influenced by the e-invoicing regimes of neighbouring countries, demonstrating the influential and prominent function of e-invoicing in Latin America as a whole.  

We can expect further details around El Salvador’s proposed e-invoicing model once the Decree is published in the Gazette. In the meantime, the Ministry of Finance will work on plans for the implementation of the e-invoicing mandate once the Decree has been published.