GSK’s 6 clear-thinking tips on e-invoicing

GSK, a world-leading global biopharma company, partnered with Tungsten Network over a decade ago to embark on a e-invoicing transformation journey.

Onboarding suppliers was the immediate focus. Over time, however, the team has moved toward a more value-based perspective. Now, the aim is to drive e-invoicing through efficiency and effective change management. This means a push toward true touchless invoicing as opposed to simply converting all invoices to electronic ones.

Greg Liebe is the P2P GPO at GSK and led the transformation of the Procure to Pay process, which has been incredibly successful. Today, GSK receives 750,000 invoices through the Tungsten Network from 5,000 active suppliers across 26 different countries. An impressive 40% of invoices are touchless. The journey has included twists and turns, with Greg and his team executing continuous improvements to get to where they are today.

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