“Give us your oversold, your underserved, your unsupported”

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • The accounts payable automation solution provider has stopped investing in the solution they sold you and they’re ending support;
  • The solution provider you bought from subsequently sold their company to another solution provider who offers a competing solution, and the solution you have in place isn’t their flagship offering;
  • The solution you thought you bought wasn’t what you ended up with after the ink dried on the contracts you signed;
  • You want to do straight-through processing matching PO-based invoices at the line item level, but the solution you have in place doesn’t capture line item data;
  • You want to upgrade your ERP system; however, the AP automation solution you’re running isn’t supported against the newer ERP version;
  • Your AP automation solution doesn’t come with standard integration with your ERP system, and you’re tired of trying to manage the custom integration you’ve had to develop between those two systems.

These are just a few of the many challenges organizations face today with under-performing accounts payable automation solutions. But you don’t have to settle for an under-performing accounts payable automation solution. By taking a step back and looking at the situation, you can find solutions that can better address the situation you’re trying to solve.

The benefits you had identified for your project, and likely additional ones, can be captured by stepping up to a superior accounts payable automation solution. This includes solutions which:

  • Capture supplier invoice data from paper or pseudo-paper (like email) via Advanced Capture – intelligent, learn-by-example optical character recognition (OCR); or directly from delivering electronic invoices (or e-Invoices);
  • Automatically matches invoice line item data with purchase order and receiving data using your ERP system’s tolerance matching rules, while managing matching exceptions to successful resolution;
  • Routes non-PO invoices for general ledger coding and approval based on your process requirements;
  • Automatically posts transactions into your ERP system for payment; and
  • Captures the entire workflow history, associated invoice images, and other associated transactions documents to facilitate strong auditability.

Don’t settle for an inferior solution or one that is no longer supported or important enough to be the leading solution the associated software company offers. Now is the time to take a good look at where you stand with accounts payable automation to put a plan in place to eliminate deadwood and move up to an accounts payable automation solution that delivers the value you need for your organization.

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