Poland: steaming ahead with VAT e-invoice clearance in 2022

Following the B2G Mandate in April 2019 the Polish Govt is steaming ahead with its plans for a B2B mandate, with the roll out of a VAT clearance model expected at the latest some time in 2022, with some sources citing a proposed implementation closer to mid-2021.

The clearance model will replace the existing SAF-T (JPK-J) monthly reporting, which itself is due to replace the Polish VAT return this year. ​It is expected to model itself on the successful Italian SdI pre-clearance model (as mentioned by the Polish Finance Minister). Tungsten is a certified Intermediary for the Italian SdI and have cleared over 12million invoices to the Italian authority this year.

​It is expected the initial implementation will be voluntary and will build on the rollout of B2G e-invoice programs based around a central government clearing platform for submitting and forwarding invoices. ​The Polish Ministry of Finance has announced that multiple countries, including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia are interested in collaborating with Poland on this venture to share platforms and cross-border VAT data. But at this stage, what this means in practice has not been clarified.

Poland has been very successful at reducing its VAT Gap, the measure between expected and actual VAT receipts. Attributed to anti-fraud measures such as online cash registers and looks to be bolstering its coverage with B2B clearance.

Tungsten will be following the Polish Clearance mandate developments closely and seek contact with other countries listed for clarity on their intent on a B2B clearance model.

To discuss this or other country mandates on the horizon that may affect your purchase to pay or Invoice to cash processes, reach out to our compliance team for a chat.

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