The Accounts Receivable guide to understanding PEPPOL

The Peppol network plays an important role in the electronic invoicing process globally. But what is this network actually? And why should you use it?

Peppol is a synonymous format for doing business with PAN European public entities, and more recently being adopted in more B2B contexts as the transmission method for tax clearance.

Tungsten is an approved Peppol Access Point provider and partners with other service providers to enable you to get 100% Peppol coverage wherever a mandate may be, ensuring documents are sent and received in the right format

What is PEPPOL?

Peppol stands for Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine. The network was established as a test project by the European Commission in in 2008. Organizations that are now connected to Peppol can exchange business documents in various electronic formats, through the highly secured and safe international network.

Peppol is not a platform for document exchange, but rather a network that connects the many existing platforms already used by businesses and public administrations. It’s an IT infrastructure that makes it possible to connect and send messages to other systems also connected to the network.

Why does PEPPOL exist?

The digitisation of businesses has and is becoming more imperative and the use of electronic documents, especially e-invoices, play a significant role in this transformation, along with other back office finance operations. E-invoicing is faster, more cost-efficient and more reliable than paper and emailed PDF invoices.

Governments worldwide are implementing and (now with COVID) accelerating e-invoicing mandates, and Peppol has widely become the chosen framework to enable this. The infrastructure guarantees security and easy identification of companies sending and receiving e-invoices.

How does PEPPOL work?

Sending e-invoices via Peppol is extremely simple. Thanks to the structure of Peppol’s delivery network (known as the four-corner model), all a business needs to exchange structured electronic invoices with partners is a connection to a certified Peppol Access Point (such as Tungsten)

Not everyone can easily access the Peppol network, due in part to its secure nature. In order to get access and send invoices through the Peppol network you need to have a Peppol ID.

Delve into more detail about PEPPOL

  • What is a PEPPOL ID?
  • How to find out if your customer / suppliers or governments are already connected to the PEPPOL network
  • Need to send e-invoices to other countries?
  • What is PEPPOL BIS billing 3.0?
  • What is an SMP in relation to PEPPOL?
  • An overview to how different countries are adopting the Peppol standard.
  • How Tungsten Can Help You Deliver Compliant e-invoices via the PEPPOL Network

Electronic invoicing can be a confusing business to keep up with, especially if you do business PAN Europe or globally. Keeping up with the complexity of sending invoices that adhere to different standard can become costly, especially if your own business has multiple or complex billing systems.

That’s why we’ve launched Total AR, a new solution that handles 100% of your ledger and delivers your invoices in the preferred format through the preferred channel required by your customer.

As a certified PEPPOL Access Point provider we can handle the delivery of invoices through the PEPPOL network that meet the required standards.

Get started with PEPPOL. Let our team help you find the best solution for your business.

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