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Going green takes on a new meaning when you think of electronic invoicing. Sure, less paper is good for the environment, but accounts accounts receivable and accounts payable teams can tell you that paperless processing means money in your pocket – some might even say more “green” in your pocket. Tungsten Network facilitates going green – or purple, blue, or red, depending on where you’re doing business.

Tungsten Network, the world’s largest compliant electronic invoicing network connects buyers and suppliers by the hundreds of thousands. Tungsten Network facilitates cost-savings for both sides – account receivable and account payable.

For the buyer:

  • Improved internal controls reduce fraud and risk
  • Streamlined processes improve productivity within the AP department
  • Automation increases accuracy and process for accounts payable duties
  • Real-time insight into spend data reduces overspend

For the supplier:

  • Guaranteed delivery of electronic invoices & complete visibility from receipt to payment
  • Reduction in invoice exceptions that could cause payment delays
  • Improved cash flow with optional early payment services

A study by The Institute of Financial Operations finds more companies expediting collections through e-Invoicing and early pay discounts. Accounts payable and accounts receivable teams will tell you that partnering with Tungsten Network results in such increased efficiencies. Find out more about the benefits of electronic invoicing with Tungsten Network by downloading this informative white paper.

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