Accounts Payable Payment Terms

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Every organization has their own strategy around Accounts Payable Payment Terms. Should you extend payment terms? Should you shorten them to make your suppliers happy? Should you pay invoices early to capture discounts? Should you hold onto your cash as long as possible? Tungsten Network understands these questions and we are part of your answer.

Tungsten Network pairs fully integrated workflow solutions, our world-leading global e-invoicing network, and a game-changing Tungsten Network Finance offering to revolutionize your options around payment terms.

When electronic invoices flow into an expertly built AP automation solution, your invoices auto-post more often and reach invoice approval faster. In this case, speed equals power. Tungsten captures all of your spend data, reports comprehensively, and allows your organization to make confident choices about outstanding payment strategies. Imagine knowing exactly where EVERY outstanding invoice stands in the approval process. From the moment the invoice is created to the moment it is paid, Tungsten makes that dream a reality.

To sweeten the deal, Tungsten Network Finance pairs flexible funding options with a user friendly interface for your suppliers; allowing early payments to be captured when a supplier chooses. Customers have the choice to fund the transactions themselves or reap the benefits of Tungsten Network’s fully self-sufficient offering.

Take control of your payment terms strategy with Tungsten Network. To learn more, download this informative white paper today.

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