Global Procurement System

Transforming Global Procurement

Go Beyond E-Invoicing Automation!


After multiple acquisitions global organizations can find themselves working with disparate systems, making it difficult to navigate — and nearly impossible to glean “clean” data from. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to Tungsten Network as their global procurement system provider.

With Tungsten Network e-invoicing, inefficiencies are eliminated in your accounts payable department. E-invoicing reduces costs by as much as 60% while dramatically cutting down on mistakes. And that’s only the beginning. Customers utilizing the globally compliant e-invoicing services of Tungsten Network receive real-time data on their spending at the enterprise, service, supplier and individual invoice level. Procurement teams use Tungsten Analytics to:

  • Provide rationale for vendor consolidation
  • Ensure contract and policy compliance
  • Deliver real-time and historical price variance analysis

What’s more, slicing and dicing data can start almost immediately as Tungsten Network Analytics is launched in just 48 hours.

Find out more about Tungsten Network and how we’re offering a global procurement system that delivers a long-term competitive advantage. Download this report today.

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