Invoice Approval Workflow

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Automating the invoice process is a top priority for many organizations. However, most businesses don’t want to reconfigure their existing processes to match those of an automated invoice system. With Tungsten Network, the invoice approval workflow can be easily tailored to meet the business process of the client — not the other way around.

With Tungsten Network, suppliers use their existing accounting systems or the Tungsten Network supplier portal to submit invoice data electronically in their desired format. PO-backed invoices go through either two or three-way matching, leveraging invoice line items, tolerance matching rules and ERP data in real-time. And the system processes all manner of invoices, inlcuding:

  • e-Invoices received via direct integration
  • Faxed invoices
  • Emailed PDFs

Payment processing continues to be monitored in the ERP system and the associated status is pulled back to provide complete visibility from invoice receipt to payment.

Learn more about Tungsten Network and what you should be looking for in an invoice approval workflow. Download our white paper today.


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