Invoice Factoring Alternatives

An Attractive Alternative to Invoice Factoring

Turn Your Accounts Payable into a Profit Center!


High costs and time spent opening books have led Suppliers to seek out invoice factoring alternatives. And that’s where Tungsten Network enters the picture.

As a Supplier on the Tungsten Network you’re able to easily access funds on invoices that have been approved by your customers. This allows you to better control your cash flow, allowing you to negotiate more favorable terms with your own Suppliers.

Tungsten Early Payment allows Suppliers to:

  • Control cash flow by deciding when to get paid on invoices
  • Choose when to take early payment – time receipts to when cash is needed
  • Use it regularly, seasonally, or as needs demand

To learn more about invoice factoring alternatives and how to accelerate cash flow for your organization, download this informative paper today.

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