OCR Invoice Processing

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If your AP department has not yet converted fully to e-invoicing, Tungsten Network has a solution for your invoice processing – Tungsten Network Advanced Capture, an intelligence-based OCR tool. Exercising our built-in knowledge base of terms, Tungsten Network Advanced Capture allows you to import Accounts Payable invoices and intelligently recognize and capture key data from those invoices, without using templates. 

The tool also validates all the captured data against your ERP data before it is released to Workflow. Tungsten Network Advanced Capture can also be configured to monitor email addresses and scan incoming emails and/or attachments, monitor e-faxes and network folders for incoming invoices.

Once the data has been extracted and validated, it is then passed into the Tungsten Network Workflow to automate your invoice processing. If you are processing purchase order invoices and using our auto-match products, your invoices can be matched against purchase orders and/or receipts automatically without anyone from AP having to touch them. In the case of non-PO backed invoices, automatic routing for GL Coding and approvals can be configured to meet your business requirements. Once all required processing is complete, the invoice will automatically be posted to your ERP system.

To learn more about OCR invoice processing and the must ask questions to pose before purchasing AP automation, download this white paper today.

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