Spend Analysis Meaning

Real-time Spend Data at the Supplier, Enterprise, Service, and Individual Invoice Level

A Better Spend Analysis Solution Lies Ahead!



If you were to look up the meaning of spend analysis you might find something like “The process by which expenditure data is collected, cleansed, classified, and analyzed to aid in improving efficiencies, decreasing procurement costs, and ensuring compliance.” That’s a lot to ask of a product, isn’t it? Tungsten Network doesn’t think so.

Tungsten Network Analytics delivers real-time spend data at the supplier, enterprise, service, and individual invoice level that buyers rely on for improving procurement controls, reducing costs, and ensuring contract compliance. Benefits of Tungsten Network Analytics include:

  • Easy to use reporting tools
  • Price variance analysis
  • Supplier negotiation support

Utilizing the powerful reporting tools provided by Tungsten Network for spend analysis means an annual average savings of 1-4% of total spend. Who can afford to miss out on that? Download this Spend Matters paper and see why Tungsten Analytics is the definition of great spend analysis!

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