Touchless Invoice Processing

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Staying relevant in an increasingly competitive market means touchless invoice processing is no longer a “like to”, but a “have to”. Enhancing business practices with technology is at the heart of Tungsten Network, which is why hundreds of thousands of businesses use Tungsten e-invoicing to achieve smoother, faster invoice processing.

It’s no secret that transitioning to paperless invoice processing means fewer mistakes. And by eliminating the time consuming process of receiving an invoice, delivering it to the appropriate party for approval, keying in the data, and filing the hard copy, accounts payable teams suddenly find themselves with the time to devote to working on strategic initiatives. But those aren’t the only benefits. Tungsten Network e-invoicing users also:

  • Strengthen supplier relations
  • Reduce fraud and risk with improved internal controls
  • Optimize spending with real-time data

The benefits of touchless invoice processing are huge! Learn more about how they can positively impact your organization by downloading Eradicating Invoice Exceptions: The Path to Straight-Through Processing.


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