How e-invoicing mandates will affect you in 2023

Staying ahead of e-invoicing mandates can be complicated. Countries across Europe have picked the e-invoicing and e-reporting model that fits their situation best, resulting in a very diverse compliance landscape. With the introduction of new cross-border mandates in several countries, things will only get more complex in 2023, and beyond.

In this webinar Ruud Van Hilten, SVP Country Compliance at Tungsten Network, joins Ellen Leith from the Purchase to Pay Network, to discuss:

• How e-invoicing mandates will affect UK supply chains
• How your ERP can help – and hinder- when it comes to compliance
• Business to Government (B2G) transactions
• Compliance success stories from Italy
• How governments are using the vast amounts of data they are gathering
• UK SOX and how being prepared for e-invoicing mandates can help

No organisation will be properly equipped right out of the gate, so watch this webinar to give yourself a head start.

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