Welcome to e-invoicing for Avery Dennison - Direct Procurement EMEA only

As part of Avery Dennison's ongoing efforts to enhance the way we do business with our suppliers, we have switched since 2017 to electronic invoicing with Tungsten Network.

Standard Operating Procedure

All suppliers are requested to replicate the information currently provided on their paper invoices.

For Web Form suppliers, please accept and convert your purchase order into your invoice, and add any additional detail into the “Additional Information” box, and this will be shown on the Invoice .PDF.

For Integrated suppliers, please ensure any additional information is mapped into the “free text fields” provided. Your Tungsten Implementation specialist will be able to assist you in this regard.

For illustration purposes, additional information would be any business information required to support the approval of your invoice as provided today. This should always include Commodity Codes as part of the standard Avery Dennison requirements and may include FSC information for Paper suppliers for which you could be audited. As you transition to electronic invoicing, please ensure all information provided on your paper invoice is replicated in your electronic invoice.

Avery Dennison would like to introduce a new requirement for all our suppliers which is making sure to provide the Fiscal representative VAT number or information upon setup and registration. This would discard any confusion or delays with payment when transacting through the TN portal.

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