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Fisher Scientific buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

For information about the Fisher Scientific legal entities available for you to invoice via Tungsten Network, please consult the file on the below link.

List of Fisher Scientific Entities on Tungsten Network

Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice Fisher Scientific.

Tungsten Network AAA Buyer Name Country Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3
AAA442209821 Fisher Scientific (Austria)GmbH AUSTRIA Wehlistraße 27B 1200 Wien
AAA434755088 Fisher Scientific S.P.R.L. BELGIUM Avenue du Port 86C Bruxelles BP 204 Belgium
AAA022814289 Fisher Scientific Denmark DENMARK Kamstrupvej 91 Kamstrup DK 4000 - Roskilde Denmark
AAA828541250 Fisher Scientific Oy FINLAND Ratastie 2 FI-01620 Finland
AAA600602247 Fisher Scientific S.A.S FRANCE Parc d'innovation Bd Sebastien Brant - BP 50111 67400 Illkirch
AAA809416811 Fisher Scientific GMBH GERMANY Im Heiligen Feld 17 D-58238 Schwerte
AAA429357775 Novodirect GMBH GERMANY Hafenstrasse 3 77694 Germany
AAA112064498 Fisher Scientific Ireland Ltd IRELAND Suite 3, Plaza 212 Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2 Ballycoolin, Dublin 15 Ireland
AAA000496455 Fisher Emergo B.V. NETHERLANDS Scheepsbouwersweg 1b Postbus 4 1120 AA Landsmeer
AAA234569614 Fisher Scientific Norway AS NORWAY C&S HUNGARY KFT. Ullernchausseen 52 0379 Oslo Norway
AAA873996193 Fisher Scientific Unipessoal Lda PORTUGAL Lagoas Park Edifício nº 11, Piso 0 2740-270 Portugal
AAA683103980 Fisher Scientific SL SPAIN C/ Luis I, 9 Madrid 28031
AAA834612715 Fisher Scientific GTF AB SWEDEN Arendalsvagen 16 41878 Göteborg
AAA048117212 Fisher Scientific AG SWITZERLAND Neuhofstrasse 11 CH-4153 Reinach Switzerland
AAA257142620 Fisher Scientific UK Ltd UNITED KINGDOM Bishop Meadow Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5RG

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