Rabobank in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

Rabobank are improving their accounts payable process through the implementation of a European wide e-Invoicing program.


Rabobank requests her suppliers to move away from paper invoices and proceed to e-Invoicing. E-Invoicing is for you and for Rabobank a way to improve invoice handling. E-Invoicing also contributes to corporate social responsibility and helps Rabobank to take the lead as an innovative bank.

Rabobank has chosen to enter a relationship with Tungsten Network, a renowned global network for e-Invoicing. We are convinced that this new process will benefit both Rabobank and her suppliers. With e-Invoicing suppliers will take advantage of a secure and guaranteed invoice delivery and a direct cost reduction.

Tungsten Network offers different flexible options for e-Invoicing adjusted on different kinds of formats, systems, and processing.

There is for you as a supplier no need to install additional software or hardware or to make changes at your configuration or your system. Applying is very easy and after your application, you will soon be able to send your electronic invoices. Important detail: the Tungsten Network meets the requirements of the Tax Authorities in Europe and North-America.

Rabobank on the Tungsten Network

Invoicing has always been a labor-intensive process, both for Rabobank as well as for her suppliers. With this move to e-invoicing the time to register invoices in the ERP-system will be substantially reduced. Because there is a direct interface all necessary information is received at the same time and this information is available in the right place for further processing.

As of that moment, you can send invoices electronically to all your other suppliers, if they are connected to the Tungsten Network.

Reduced Costs
Full Tax Compliance
Secure and Guaranteed Invoice Delivery
Flexible Technology
Less Time Spent Calling the AP Helpdesk
Reduced Scope for Errors

Register at Tungsten Network

If you as a supplier of Rabobank like to use the service of Tungsten Network and send your invoices electronically to the Rabobank, please contact Tungsten Network. The Tungsten Network team will support you in finding the ideal way to connect to Tungsten Network and assist you with any questions during the implementation phase.

Contact details

You can reach the Rabobank Servicedesk Cost Accounting at

[email protected] or tel. +31-30-2164910.

To contact Tungsten Network, you can use the following details:

Tungsten Network Sales +44 (0) 870 165 7420 [email protected]

Tungsten Network Support +44 (0) 870 165 7430

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