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BT has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices since 2003

BT buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

For information about the BT legal entities available for you to invoice via Tungsten Network, please consult the file on the below link. Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice BT.

Tungsten Network Account Number Buyer Name VAT Registration Country
AAA197562101 BT Australasia Pty Limited - New Zealand Branch AKOS.1279357 AUSTRALIA
AAA825779333 BT Australasia Pty Limited ACN 003 050 146 AUSTRALIA
AAA347013518 Global Security Europe Limited - Belgian Branch BE0745881993 BELGIUM
AAA170490627 BT Global Services Belgium BVBA BE0719724459 BELGIUM
AAA222319279 BT Bulgaria EOOD BG131119320 BULGARIA
AAA023292576 BT Global Europe BV Czech branch CZ685364729 CZECH REPUBLIC
AAA116029364 BT Denmark ApS DK24221415 DENMARK
AAA087332474 BT Nordics Finland Oy FI25752292 FINLAND
AAA003613973 BT France S.A. FR49702032145 FRANCE
AAA164985558 BT (Germany) GmbH & Co. oHG DE813121512 GERMANY
AAA475284253 BT Hong Kong Limited 11828198-000-10-13-2 HONG KONG
AAA602015562 BT Global Europe B.V. Hungarian Branch Office HU28970772 HUNGARY
AAA373193085 BT ROC Kft HU23337965 HUNGARY
AAA602015562 BT Global Europe BV Hungary Branch HU28970772 HUNGARY
AAA023649767 The Faraday Procurement Company Limited IE3741422PH IRELAND
AAA427276134 BT Italia S.p.A. IT04952121004 ITALY
AAA031577570 Atlanet SpA IT06358251004 ITALY
AAA234904555 BT Global Services Limited - Italian Branch IT04335621001 ITALY
AAA459864930 Basictel SpA IT05933851007 ITALY
AAA654257674 Nuova Societa di Telecomunicazioni SpA IT10828560150 ITALY
AAA489487314 BT Latvia Limited, Sabiedriba ar ierobezotu atbildibu LV50003626371 LATVIA
AAA139321921 UAB BTH Vilnius LT100000820210 LITHUANIA
AAA060892536 BT Global Services Luxembourg Sarl LU22637245 LUXEMBOURG
AAA385170576 BT Systems (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 278680-K MALAYSIA
AAA005505433 BT Global Services Luxembourg Sarl 596878-K MALAYSIA
AAA674863691 BT Multimedia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 454844-A MALAYSIA
AAA429388580 Global Security Europe Limited - Netherlands Branch NL861260107B01 NETHERLANDS
AAA182254888 BT Professional Services Nederland B.V. NL802329470B01 NETHERLANDS
AAA180243396 BT Nederland N.V. NL805994750B01 NETHERLANDS
AAA175936756 BT Global Europe B.V. NL861897274B01 NETHERLANDS
AAA923873558 BT Solutions Norway AS NO 982 398 428 MVA NORWAY
AAA478240443 BT Communications Philippines Incorporated 224-894-523-000 PHILIPPINES
AAA052649670 BT Poland sp z o.o PL5272367786 POLAND
AAA738030584 BT Global Services Technologies Pte Ltd MR85004403 SINGAPORE
AAA101625499 BT Global Solutions Pte Ltd MR85004403 SINGAPORE
AAA034044412 BT Singapore Pte. Ltd. M200017153 SINGAPORE
AAA571076553 BT (India) Private Limited Singapore Branch T11FC0125L SINGAPORE
AAA325324960 BT Slovakia s.r.o. SK2020278337 SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic)
AAA492648399 BT Globalne TelekomunikacijskeStoritve, ObdelavaPodatkov, PodatkovnihBaz; d.o.o. SI58241671 SLOVENIA
AAA107130924 BT Communications Services South Africa (Pty) Limited 4660248255 SOUTH AFRICA
AAA138137807 BT Nordics Sweden AB SE556605494501 SWEDEN
AAA859217580 Global Security Europe Ltd GB245719348 UNITED KINGDOM
AAA021511803 BT Americas Inc. 13-3459785 UNITED STATES
AAA657104683 Infonet USA Corporation 95-4788616 UNITED STATES
AAA843112665 BT LatAm (Nevada) Corp. 87-0645084 UNITED STATES
AAA831853379 BT Canada Inc. 10122 1240 RC0005 UNITED STATES
AAA610645798 BT Communications Sales, LLC Puerto Rico branch 54-1949535 UNITED STATES
AAA532961158 BT LatAm, Inc. 52-1640843 UNITED STATES
AAA840938344 Infonet Services Corporation 95-4148675 UNITED STATES
AAA576080923 Infonet Broadband Services Corporation 95-4708677 UNITED STATES

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