Welcome to electronic invoicing for Kellogg's

As part of Kellogg's on-going efforts to enhance the way we do business with our suppliers, Kellogg’s are actively urging you to switch to electronic invoicing with Tungsten Network. The changes Kellogg’s are implementing will see the end of paper as the way of receiving and managing Accounts Payable, with electronic invoicing becoming the standard. Kellogg’s are partnering with Tungsten Network, the global electronic invoicing platform.

Kellogg’s Entities on Tungsten Network

Kellogg’s entities have been assigned different Tungsten account numbers by Tungsten. Please ensure that you submit your invoices to the correct Tungsten Account Number. Submission to an incorrect Tungsten Account number would lead to invoice rejection by Kellogg’s. If you are not sure which Kellogg legal entity you are invoicing, please contact your Kellogg representative.

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