Welcome to electronic invoicing for Mohawk

In addition to E-invoicing, Mohawk now enables Purchase Order Delivery (POD) via Tungsten Network. This functionality allows Mohawk to send Purchase Orders directly to your ERP system or your Tungsten Network Portal. Contact us at [email protected] and learn more about this service.

PO Delivery from Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries is enabling PO Delivery from Tungsten Network for all integrated suppliers.

What does this mean?

If you’d like to receive all your Mohawk purchase orders directly into your sales order entry process contact Tungsten, and they’ll discuss set-up and mapping requirements for you to receive electronic POs from us.

The PO Service automatically connects to your ERP and transfers POs using your preferred data transfer mechanism and file format. Tungstens standard file formats include CXML, Tungsten XML, ANSI and EDIFACT.*

Why utilize PO Delivery?

When you receive purchase orders in multiple formats; phone, email, faxes, and even mail, you typically then have to manually enter those POs into your systems with varying and often missing information. Manual entry of the data can also lead to mistakes. Documents and updates getting lost and orders going unfulfilled. Manual PO processing wastes time, money and ultimately can delay your invoice being paid.

If you integrate for PO delivery, you’ll receive electronic POs from Mohawk directly into your ERP in a standardized format, resulting in a more streamlined sales order entry and invoicing process.

You can also take advantage of the network effect and receive electronic POs from any of your other customers on the Tungsten Network who’ve enabled PO Delivery too, let Tungsten know your top 10 and they’ll connect you.

How much will it cost me?

Integrated Supplier Pricing
From to Set-up Fee USD Annual Fee USD
Purchase Orders
Tier 1 1 1,000 1,860 1,116
Tier 2 1,000 5,000 1,860 1,860
Tier 3 5,000 12,000 1,860 2,980
Tier 4 12,000 60,000 1,860 12,400
Tier 5 60,000 300,000 1,860 55,800
Tier 6 300,000 1,000,000 1,860 155,000

Coming soon…

Tungsten is also building functionality to go one step further to allow integrated suppliers to send purchase order acknowledgements back to their customers.

Mohawk is currently evaluating this functionality, and we’ll let suppliers know if PO Acknowledgement becomes available for adoption.

Opt-in for PO Delivery today and Tungsten will be in touch to discuss your options and a roll out timeline with you.
Yes, I’d like PO Delivery

If you’d like to discuss PO Delivery with Mohawk send an email to [email protected].

I’m a Web Form customer, can I take advantage of PO delivery?

If you’re a Web Form customer and would like to upgrade to an integrated supplier account, email [email protected].

Integrate once, and you’ll benefit as more and more of your customers take advantage of PO Delivery with every purchase order received in the same standardized format.

*Other file formats will incur a charge for data mapping and will be priced on scope.

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