Welcome to electronic invoicing for Mohawk

In addition to E-invoicing, Mohawk now enables Purchase Order Delivery (POD) via Tungsten Network. This functionality allows Mohawk to send Purchase Orders directly to your ERP system or your Tungsten Network Portal. Contact us at [email protected] and learn more about this service.

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Have you received an email from Tungsten Network or your customer inviting you to register for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network?

  • If yes, please click on the unique registration link within the email to activate your account.
  • If your email doesn’t contain a unique registration link, please contact [email protected] One of our enrolment specialists will be in touch to set up your account.
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Once registered, you will automatically receive 52 FREE transactions (replenished annually at no charge). If you use all 52 free transactions and need more during this 12-month period, you will be required to purchase additional transactions (minimum 25 transactions).

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