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Nice-Pak has partnered with Tungsten Network to offer several Purchase Order Services (PO Services) to different sets of suppliers. Scroll down to see what services are available and if they’re available for you.

PO Convert

Nice-Pak has partnered with Tungsten Network to offer PO Convert to Web Form suppliers


What is PO Convert?

PO Convert allows portal users to easily review, accept, and then convert purchase orders into e-invoices at the click of a button.

The benefits of PO Convert for you

No re-keying of PO information to the Web Form
No data entry errors
One-click converts a PO to an invoice
Increased first-time match rate of PO to invoice
Fewer exceptions & higher validation match
Increase in on-time payment

What does this mean for me?

  • Any open POs raised by Nice-Pak will be available to view within the Tungsten Network Portal with the ability to automatically convert those POs to invoices with one click.
  • Any rejection of a PO before conversion, does not trigger any automatic message to Nice-Pak. You should inform Nice-Pak directly of an incorrect PO so they can rectify it.
  • Please note that Nice-Pak POs will no longer be e-mailed to you, instead they will be available on the Tungsten Network and you can convert them into an invoice with just one click.


Learn how to use PO Convert

Download the PO Convert user guide here


What is PO Validation?

PO Validation is a data matching process to ensure adherence to buyer rules. It is designed to improve the invoice matching process between POs and invoices. Tungsten will validate invoices against POs to ensure:

  • The company on an invoice matches the company related to the PO
  • The PO number quoted is correct
  • That line item numbers match the PO
  • That only one PO number is quoted per invoice

PO Validations are automatically applied. If your invoice is rejected because of PO validation you will be notified with the reason and how to correct it.

FAQs for PO Convert

    I have just registered for Tungsten Network, will PO convert work straightway?

    POs will start to appear on the portal approximately 24 hours upon Nice-Pak receipt of the Ready To Transact notification.

    How will I know when a PO is available for PO Convert on the Tungsten portal?

    As shown in the help video and PDF guide, you can check the ‘My POs’ section of your Tungsten portal account. Additionally, if you would like to receive email notifications when a new PO is showing on your account, please contact Tungsten Support who can help set this up.

    Do I need to change the PO details?

    No. PO Convert is specifically designed so that key information from the PO is pre-populated on the invoice, so you don’t have to spend time keying it in! (These fields include PO number, description, quantity, unit of measure).

    Can I add an attachment to my invoice when using PO Convert?

    Yes, you can, and in certain situations you will specifically asked to. Nice-Pak is happy to accept attachments that do not exceed 5MB. If you need help, please contact Tungsten Support.

    What if I make a partial delivery to Nice-Pak?

    Tungsten PO Convert allows you to adjust the invoice quantities / price to match your billing requirement. This includes partial delivery.

    I need help – who can I contact?

    Please ensure you have followed the tutorials, watched the videos and read the Frequently Asked Questions. Also, please don’t forget which entities are in scope.

Still, need help? Contact the dedicated Tungsten Support team!

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