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What do you need to know?

Italy was the first European country to implement countrywide mandatory B2B e-invoicing in 2019.

On 1st July 2022, Italy introduced new requirements for cross-border data to be reported to the Sistema di Interscambio (SdI).

What does this mean for businesses operating in Italy?

The reporting obligations include transactions from Italian suppliers to Italian buyers (sales invoices) and also transactions from non-Italian suppliers to Italian buyers (purchase invoices). Suppliers are required to report cross-border data to the SdI. As foreign suppliers are not connected to the SdI, Italian buyers will report data directly to the SdI. Both suppliers and buyers have a responsibility to report transactions within designated timeframes.


When do you need to begin taking action?

Taxpayers impacted by the cross-border obligations must be compliant with the requirements from 1st July 2022.

Cross-border transactions carried out in an incorrect format will incur financial penalties of €2 per invoice, up to a maximum of €400 per month. These penalties can be halved if the transmission is made within 15 days of the deadline or if the data is correctly transmitted within the same deadline.

Staying compliant in Italy – how can Tungsten Network help you?

To ensure that our customers continue to receive world-class service Tungsten Network is fully committed to supporting Italy’s e-invoicing mandate.

Tungsten can create the invoices in the accepted format (Fattura PA) XML and report on behalf of the supplier to the SdI.

As non-Italian-buyers are not connected to the SdI, Italian buyers will need to report these transactions to the SdI. Again, Tungsten can help Italian buyers report cross-border transactions to the SdI, taking the complexity out of e-invoicing for you.

Why invoice via Tungsten Network instead of Government portals?

In addition to ensuring that our invoices users are compliant, invoicing via Tungsten Network enables our users to access rich data that is not available through government portals.

Tungsten Network provides this additional data, such as purchase order information which is critical to predicting cash flow and controlling budgets, to help our users improve internal processes and drive business efficiency. We also validate invoices prior to submission, to improve data quality and ensure compliance with both fiscal and business requirements.


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